Sunday, April 5, 2009

CRAVES: Helping Businesses with Your Customer Appreciations

The Best way to show good will toward customers
is by Giving a Customer an appreciation event with a favored Community CRAVESCaterer.

There are many small, inexpensive (and often free) ways to show your customers how much you appreciate their business without going over budget.
For their 6 yr Anniversary,
Local Salon owner Celebrates in North Charleston, South Carolina Community. A Day with CRAVES Soul food serving down to the last Bowl of Shrimp n Grits for $3 dollars, Homemade CRAVES Chili on a Sausage or hotdogs for $2 , or a side of CRAVES Caroloina style "Red Rice" and Fried Chicken for $4 dollars, plus all a complimentary cold Drink that came with all the day participates. An Open for the Community Event with a Special $3-6 dollar menu.

8am til ... it was all gone bye bye
Great food & service @ terrific prices!

CRAVES Soul food, a Community Catering Company,
who has been servicing communities; with authentic african american soul foods, under priced desserts; and professional customer service on a regular basis. " JUST like their mother and father (Edwin and Ruth Scott, Sr.) taught them.
A Heritage....
Traditional family Cooking and to Share with others...
CRAVES Soul food Catering Service
Doing Something Good in the Community…

CRAVES Soul food, can service Your event needs! Full Service, Self Serve, or Deliver, Prep and on the Go. Don’t want to lift a finger? Let our professional catering staff do all the work for you. We will set up, maintain the buffet line during the designated serving time and clean up when it’s over. We will provide serving tables and linens. Food will be served in metal pans from warmed chafing dishes.
Our friendly staff
When you are not present, your customers will still receive the same five-star service they have come to expect.

To Request Catering Services Today Please provide at least two-week advanced notice prior to the date of the event for under 50 guest. Any party over 50+ must be at least 2 month advance notice to allow any increased food ordering. We are always happy to make exception however we’d like the best success for your event.

You can order any item on our regular menu 72 hours in advance, and special menu requests may be fulfilled with a two-week advance notice.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 CRAVES Mission

Our Mission is to inspire community to do unto others as thy would thyself..per Momma Scott.
SERVING thy neighbor as thy self.
To provide authentic African- American Carolina soul food, service the community, provide opportunities for personal growth of our staff, engage in charity and community service, while earning a profit for the company.

CRAVES: Assisting Businesses w/ Client Appreciation Ideas:

· Picnic in the park
· Lunch or brunch
· Cluster of seats at a sporting event
· Masquerade
· Try a dance theme party complete with lessons
· Block party with neighbors
· Wine tasting

Hosting a client appreciation event is one of the most rewarding and fun ways to make your customers feel valued. It is also a great opportunity to meet your clients’ friends and business associates.

Planning Points:
· Create your invitation list.
· Send out “Save the Date” cards.
· Select location.
· Contract with "CRAVES" Soul food Caters
· Plan for some “fun” at the event, such as door prizes or mini contests to get the guests involved
· Hire a photographer for publicity shots to be used in your newsletter, blog or website.
· Send invitations so they arrive 30 days before the event with an RSVP by date two weeks before the event date.
· Include good directions in the invitation
· Use E-vites for easy RSVP’s. Contact QTC & WeeTech for Assistance Email:
· Expect one-third to one-half of those invited to attend.
· Two weeks before, finalize details with hired professionals. Request 5% more food than guest RSVPs.
· Be at the entrance to greet each guest upon their arrival
· Have name tags for guests
· Have hired staff there so that you and your employees can mingle with guests.
· Avoid discussing business at the event. If a guest is interested in discussing business with you, suggest scheduling an appointment with them.

Take the time to plan your appreciation event. Hire quality professionals to assist you. This is a win-win idea.

You feel good and your customers feel appreciated. Remember, the ramifications of this event will pay you dividends.

You are promoting your business in a highly effective way. This will help your customers remember you, to think of you, and to call you when they need your product or service.

Repeat your appreciation event each year and watch your business grow.

Contact CRAVES Today for Your Next Catered Event

Contact CRAVES Today for Your Next Catered Event
(843) 926-0513
Carmen, Ra'Dana/ Ra'Gina, Annette, Vina, Edwin, and Scott